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SWD Group gathered masters of music engineering design from home and abroad who devoted to create the most professional music project out of their love for music. We keep a foothold in high-end design, endeavoring to create world-class audiovisual studios, cinemas and theatres, media centers, high-end home theatre, multi-media labs and so on. 
Our target market includes exhibitions and performances, cultural landmark, professional institutes, cinema, entertainment and games, virtual reality, car audio etc. 

•    Exhibitions and Performances: 
Including high-end exhibitions, brand promotion activities, concerts, music festivals, operas, clubs, etc. 
Nowadays, the exhibitions and performances are changing their presentation methods from static display to multi-media presentation. The multi-application of sound, light and electricity has added a brilliant touch to exhibitions and performances. 
“3D hologram sound technology” can provide a brand new way of sound-and-art presentation. When sound is no longer the graphic arts but spatial, it can bring a presentation that you’ve ever imagined. At that time, audiences are no longer just the onlookers but a part of the performances; they can interact with the sound and the performers. Meanwhile, the artists can realize their imagination into reality and even, they can operate the sound in real time. The Germany Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and opera in Sydney Opera House etc. are the first ones to use the future way of exhibition presentation. Let’s wait and see the China’s “first”.  
•    Cultural Landmark: 
Including museum, exhibition centre, City planning exhibition hall, theme park, library, cultural centre, theatre, concert hall, studio, etc. 
Talking about the landmarks of different cities and countries, what comes to your mind? The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai? The Summer Palace in Beijing? The Louvre in Paris? Or the opera house in Sydney? 
"3D hologram sound technology" will help cities to create their top-class international name cards and will become special scenery of the cities. If the technology could be used in museums, exhibition halls and so on, the visitors could have more real experience and more direct understanding of the world’s advanced sound technology. Now, the technology has been used in Spanish Pavilion in 2008 World Expo and German Pavilion in 2010 World Expo etc. The combination of audio and video enjoyment provides immersive experience for the audience and listeners.  
•    Professional Institutes:  
Including Electronic music, virtual reality lab, interactive media lab, theatres, concert hall, multi-function room, recording studio, production studio, etc. 

"3D sound" is an integrated industry chain including technology development, application extension and content creation etc; it needs a large number of talents. Universities and colleges are the “cradle” to cultivate talents and are the ground to develop new technology. The establishment of various labs can achieve many benefits. Firstly, the lab can widen students’ horizon and improve their aesthetic so that they can put the theories they learn in the class into practical use. Secondly, the labs are the perfect place for teachers and professors to so research and create content. What’s more, the labs can be an exchanging platform for students to acquire experience and push forward the development of the sound industry. Now, some universities of applied sciences and technologies and some labs of conservatives of music have already applied the technology and they have achieved many satisfactory results. 

•    Cinema: 
Including VIP cinema experience, 4D cinema, cinema hall, mixing and recording studio for movie post-production, etc. 

In recent year, Chinese have paid a lot of attention to the lively visual effect in the cinema. Both the rapid development of 3D movie and the popularization of IMAX have proved the phenomenon. However, as for the audio effect, we are standing still. 
"3D Hologram sound" technology will set a new sound standard in film industry. 3D picture with surround sound can no longer meet the needs of people because they want something to perfectly match 3D picture, and that’s what 3D sound can provide. It is not rare in Occident to see cinemas with 3D hologram sound technology. We believe that with the sustaining development of the sound technology, the production of 3D-sound-film will be promoted to provide fantastic audio-visual enjoyment.   
•    Audio Studio

Post production studios ,audio studios using WFS 3D technology etc.

•    Virtual Reality:  
Virtual reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia, is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. Virtual reality can recreate sensory experiences, including virtual taste, sight, smell, sound, touch, etc. 

•    Private entertainment system
3D sound system, with a battery of functions, delicate artistic design and excellent sound equipment, grants every customer superb sense judgment.
Cases:Hangzhou Yi Cheng Vila Project, Private Recreational System,Private Family Studio etc.

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