The Very First “Outdoor 3D Sound Symphony Concert
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On the evening of October 28th, the Outdoor 3D Sound Symphony Concert at North Bund of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, which was guided by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, and Hongkou district government, supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, co-hosted by Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal Development Co., Ltd., and SWD Group, was held successfully at the open area of Shanghai International Shipping and Finance Service Center.

As the major performance project of China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Shanghai Citizens Art Festival in 2013, it is the very first outdoor 3D sound symphony concert in China applying 3D sound reinforcement technology which is based on “Wave Field Synthesis”. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in sound reproduction technology.

On the morning of October 28th, Mr. Chen Guangxian, head of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and Mr. Zou Siwei, president of SWD Group, were invited to attend the rehearsal venue. Mr. Chen Guangxian said, “Outdoor symphony concert was held before, but the sound effect was far from satisfying. Applying 3D sound reinforcement technology can bring the audience the sense of being in the concert hall. It is no doubt that it is a revolution of music and brings classic music to citizen’s life.”

Mr. Zou Siwei, president of SWD Group, also made a speech about symphonic music and IOSONO 3D sound for the audience who watched the rehearsal. The audience could not only listen to classic music, but also enjoy the benefit of world-leading sound technology which had brought to the public culture and life.

The stage of this outdoor concert was located in the open outdoor plaza at North Bund, where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both sides of Huangpu River. As the major performance project of Shanghai Citizens Art Festival, this concert applied IOSONO 3D sound technology and made audiences feel surrounded by the melody. They could experience the sound effect which is comparable with that in concert hall while enjoying the beautiful night view along the Huangpu River.


Under the conduct of Mr. Chen Xieyang, a famous conductor in China, classic pieces domestic and abroad were played in turns. With the help of IOSONO 3D sound reinforcement technology, the wonderful sound effect was created perfectly in outdoor environment. Musicians played the famous songs superbly, including the opera William Tell Overture, ballet The Red Detachment of Women, Violin Solos Zigeunerweisen, ballet Waltz of Flowers from the Nutcracker and so on.


The famous soprano, Ms. Li Xiuying, sang China My Love, which resonate with all the listeners present.

Nessun Dorma sang by tenor, Han Peng, brought the concert to a climax. The perfect combination of traditional symphony and innovative sound technology impressed more than 400 listeners at the unforgettable night.


Applying IOSONO 3D sound reinforcement technology made it possible to reproduce the sound experience in indoor symphony hall. Listeners were surrounded by IOSONO 3D sound reinforcement system with 134 speakers. They could listen to the natural and real symphony even in outdoor environment. Outdoor 3D Sound Symphony Concert at North Bund was the very first concert in China which used IOSONO 3D sound to make live recording. IOSONO 3D sound is an industrial revolution in audio industry. Great changes happen in music composition, recording, post production and reproduction. IOSONO 3D sound begins a new era in audio industry.

I used to worry about outdoor concerts, because I think that these concerts can hardly handle the problem of sound effects. However, in today’s concert IOSONO 3D Sound equipments are used, which is the first in our country. I am satisfied with the concert, for equipments used can display every part of the symphony orchestra, and help the whole music be played vividly and naturally. The technology involved marks the development of this field. With such technology, we can enjoy better music both indoors and outdoors.
---Cao Peng, famous conductor

I think this is a concert that breaks new ground. To outdoor concerts, having good sound equipments is the biggest problem. But today’s concert has solved this problem, so the symphony listens very clear. Other outdoor concerts still have many problems in some aspects, like modulations of public address. After all, I think this concert is a great improvement.
--- Chen Guangxian, head of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

It’s hard to hold concerts outdoor, for there are many factors will affect, such as the weather, but this time the concert is great with good tunings and excellent sound quality of equipments. Loudspeakers in the back give audience the feeling of reverberation in concert halls by using sound effects. However, if you want to make the real 3D Sound symphonic concert, lots of effects should be made on choosing the music and songs played.
--- Liu Wenguo, Director of China Shanghai International Arts Festival

Sounds are usually so scattered in outdoor area that reduces the quality of outdoor concerts. However, this outdoor concert is different and makes the music sound good. This system can be tested in some stadiums to solve problems like reflection sound.
--- Teng Junjie, Chief Director of Shanghai World Expo opening and closing ceremony

After listening to the concert, I feel it’s very good. I have never thought that an outdoor concert can achieve such a good effect, and I believe SWD Group has done a great thing. So to speak, you have created a concert hall without walls. I think the technology is great and promising. By applying it, many sight spots can hold such concerts without the limits of location.
--- Samuel Zhou, Vice-president of IMAX China


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