Shanghai Symphony Orchestra welcomed its first foreign band-- Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
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Shanghai Symphony Orchestra welcomed its first foreign band-- Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the 18th of September. What excited music fans most is the arrival of Dudamel, a popular young conductor. The presence of the two music magnates ignited the concert hall that night.

To work perfectly with the world-class concert hall, SIWEI Musical Engineering Design tailored a top-of-the-line recording system and two splendid post-production studios, that is, 3D holographic post-production studio and 5.1 surround post-production studio, for it.

The 5.1 surround post-production studio conforms to highest international acoustic standard, ITU1116. The integration of 5 surround speakers and 1 subwoofer, matching up with top-of-the-line acoustic module of ZSOUND promises a perfect sound recording. Therefore, undoubtedly, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra boasts a cutting-edge recording system.

It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will be the world’s first concert hall with a 3D holographic post-production studio. The Chamber Hall will also allow the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall to play an important role within the larger music landscape as a top-of-the-line recording studio. For decades, since the dismantling of the recording studio of China Record Shanghai Corporation, Shanghai has not had a venue big enough to hold large recordings. The Chamber Hall will far exceed this need, having the capacity for all but the biggest ensembles. It also utilizes an advanced 3D holographic recording technology which records and reproduces sound in three dimensions with unmatched precision, promising a wholly immersive experience. This technology has been used in Hollywood, the Sydney Opera House, and a handful of other leading institutions, and its deployment at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall signals a fantastic opportunity for the advancement of sound engineering and recording technology in China.

“The hanging system of microphone plays an important part in sound presence. In virtue of the precise design and position of SIWEI Musical Engineering Design as well as the excellent microphones provided by sE Electronics, the sound effect of the concert hall is gorgeous according to the two rehearsals before, winning acclaim from senior leaders of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. In shanghai, even around the world, there isn’t any case can achieve such a balanced and accurate effect in fields like reverberation, sense of space etc. with the least complicated system, Decca Tree. Therefore, cooperating with SIWEI Musical Engineering Design is a superb choice”, first Chinese Grammy winner, world-renowned sound engineer, professor Lu Xiaoxing commended. “Meanwhile, I feel that the cooperation signals a brand new yardstick for the integration of art and technology. A 3D sound system in a venue like this is completely new. It will be possible to preserve concert experiences and bring them to audiences that were not able to enjoy the music in this great concert hall. 3D sound is a big step in perceiving music and this will be a big trend for the future.”


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